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Today we are talking about teens and the teen brain. As parents will tell you, it’s amazing how their teens function in daily life. Teens can be hard to understand at times through periods of growth. They are too mature to be put into the ‘kid category’ but aren’t as mentally developed as adults yet.

“Neuroscientist Frances Jensen says that when her two sons became teenagers, she marveled at their ability to stay focused for a test, yet still commit major lapses in judgment almost daily. The contradictions, she explains, have both emotional and physical roots: teens are more affected by stressful situations than adults, and their brains are years from being fully developed. Jensen joins Forum to talk about her book ‘The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults.” 

Read the entire article about the teen brain here!

If you are struggling to get through to your teen or understand how their brain works, we can help! Our coaches can help your teen learn organization and time management to help them succeed. We can also help parents too who are looking for a place to start.

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